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In 2007 I started Malaysia Promotion in the Netherlands, because I am very enthusiastic about Malaysia, its people, climate, nature and animal life. I am convinced that Malaysia needs a better marketing and pr. It’s my goal to do this and to let people get to know this country and it’s people.

Irene Reydon

Who am I? I am a citizen of Amsterdam and I have been working professionally as a social engineer and I work as a human resources manager, careercounsellor and lifecoach.
I also was a tourleader in Sabah and Sarawak and I am having more than 20 years experience of travelling to and in Malaysia.

I  promote Malaysia in the Netherlands and I am giving information and advice about  tours and travels, living and working including the Malaysia My Second Home(MM2H)program in Malaysia for individual travellers as well as groups of people.

  • I work together with some Dutch travel agents and companies who specialize in Malaysia and who are happy to promote their packages to this beautiful and warm country.
  • I give advice to Dutch people when they want to stay in Malaysia for a longer period of time. This can be in hotels or apartments. An other option is to live some days with a Malaysian family in their house under the Malaysia Homestay program. Here you enjoy kampunglife. Please sent me updates and addresses about your favourite places!
  • And when people have done that, they can continue their stay in hotels or apartments. Once you love Malaysia you can live here a longer period of time, for instance in wintertime, or you can buy a house(after retiring) and enjoy the Malaysia My Second Home program (MM2H). I am an agent for this program in Holland.
  • I let you discover West-Malaysia and Penang in particular. In Penang you have a culinary paradise with Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, halal cuisine including vegetarian food. The vegetarian restaurants are many and they have a great variety: some even have buffet suppers/diners. The many fruits, vegetables and fresh juices will support your lifestyle in a healthy way.
  • I let you discover Sabah and Sarawak, the flora and fauna, ecotourism and I inform you how to travel in a sustainable way. Diving is great near the many islands. Also staying at a longhouse is a beautiful down-to-earth experience.
  • Please sent me information and pictures of your hotelpackages, apartments or flightpromo’s. I give this information to my clients in Holland and I do the marketing and pr for you.
  • I also want to know your ecotourism-offers or packagedeals, so find in me a reliable businesspartner and let the people travel to Malaysia.
  • I give information to businesspeople about doing business in The Netherlands. I work together with the Malaysian Dutch Business Council and other organizations in The Netherlands. If you come to the Netherlands, I can arrange your hotel and appointments for you. I am a good and friendly host with a car.
  • Do contact me if you have questions.
  • What is new, better, hot and worthwhile? Or what has stopped or changed?

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